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Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records. For New York City records One exception: DOH keeps divorce certificates for both New York State and New York .
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If you know only the year of a marriage, you might have to search 24 indexes 2 boroughs x 12 months! The indexes list the groom's name, date of marriage, and certificate number.

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Beginning in , Manhattan and Brooklyn marriage indexes are arranged in a strict alphabetical sequence, one index per borough per year. The other 3 boroughs are also arranged this way, beginning in For each borough, there is also a set of " Bride's Index Cards ". These handwritten 3x5 cards are arranged alphabetically by the bride's name, one sequence for each year. Each card contains ten entries, one per line. Each entry contains the bride's name, the date of marriage and certificate number.

Only Manhattan is covered for to , with a separate index for each month.

For , there are alphabetical annual indexes for Brooklyn. After , all five boroughs are included.

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Each borough is indexed in a separate annual volume. For to , Manhattan and Brooklyn have an index for each month, and the other three boroughs each have one sequence for the entire year. After , there is one annual index for each borough. NOTE: All of the indexes are for events reported in the given year. Some events which happened at the end of a year were written up in the registers for the following year.

Therefore, when looking for an event, be sure to check the following year also. Once you've found an index entry for an event of interest, write down the date , borough and certificate number. The county names for the five boroughs of New York City are:. Once you locate the FHLC entry for the correct borough and event type birth, marriage or death , you will see many microfilms listed for each year.

Within each year the certificates are arranged numerically by certificate number. Determine which microfilm contains the certificate number you are interested in, and order that microfilm to view the actual document.

The Family History Library has the vital records certificates only up until the above dates births until , and deaths until The Municipal Archives has birth records for , Marriage records for , and death records thru Later Birth and Death records Births since , Deaths since can be obtained from:. The certificate is prima facie evidence of the fact of death and, therefore, can be introduced in court as evidence when a question about the death arises.

Personal Reasons: The death certificate in many cases provides family members with closure, peace-of-mind, and documentation of the cause of death.

New York City death certificates 1949-1968 and nullification of NYC DOH records access rules

It also provides peace-of-mind by facilitating efficient processing of needed benefits as those described above. Vital Statistics Reasons: The death certificate is the source for state and national mortality statistics. It is needed for a variety of medical and health-related research efforts. It is used to determine which medical conditions receive research and development funding, to set public health goals and policies, and to measure health status at local, state, national, and international levels.

This data is valuable as a research tool and by influencing research funding. Before the business and legal issues of the estate can be pursued, it will be necessary to obtain certified copies of the death certificate.

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You can order them from:. It is always better to order a few more than what you think you will need. Most agencies will only accept certified death certificates and not photocopies. In some cases, there may be a need to obtain a certified copy of the death certificate without a cause of death. These certificates are needed to transfer the title on a house, mobile home, and automobile or in some cases for court procedures.

You should make this request when ordering the certified copies. If you have questions about obtaining copies of a Death Certificate, please call us. The pinnacle of memorialization, any family member or friends can take advantage of this free services by creating an account and a book to memorialize their loved one. Dying is one of the few events in life that's certain to occur, yet one we rarely plan for.

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