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By the end of , NCIC contained 12 million active records in 21 files. For example, a law enforcement officer can search NCIC during a traffic stop to . for whom a federal warrant or a felony or misdemeanor warrant is outstanding.
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Most counties in California have similar search tools. Some sites will have a search function where you just type in your name and see if a warrant comes up. Other websites will have a link to click on that will bring up everyone who has a warrant out for their arrest in the area.

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Some less densely populated areas or smaller towns may not have this information available on their website, in which case you may need to call to find out how to get the information you are seeking. If you think you have a bench warrant or arrest warrant out on you, you should contact a lawyer immediately. The warrant may contain incorrect information, or you may not have committed the offense it accuses you of.

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Turning yourself into the court or into the police without an experienced criminal defense lawyer at your side could be one of the biggest mistakes you ever make. Your criminal defense attorney will know the most effective arguments and steps to take to resolve your case in a way that is in your best interests.

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A bench warrant or arrest warrant will not simply go away. You need to deal with it, and deal with it with a criminal defense attorney at your side. If you suspect that you might have a bench warrant or arrest warrant out in your name, contact the Simmrin Law Group now — day or night. Sometimes we can even get the arrest warrant cleared up without you having to spend any time in jail.

If you need a criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles , call the Simmrin Law Group at for a free consultation.

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Please leave this field empty. Simmrin Law Call Now Search For California Warrants Online Through Government Agency Websites The best way to search for a warrant in California is to go to the city county, or California state government website where you think it exists. Some government agencies may charge for their warrant searching service.

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Home Criminal Department Warrant Information. Warrant Information. In general, there are two types of warrants: Bench Warrants are issued when a defendant does not appear for a scheduled court hearing. This also includes a bench warrant issued for a probation violation. Arrest Warrants are issued to law enforcement when they have reasonable belief to suspect that a person has committed a crime.

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How long is a warrant in effect? What can I do if I find out that I have an outstanding warrant for my arrest and the warrant was issued by another state? What can I do if I find out that I have an outstanding warrant for my arrest and I no longer live in Arizona? Will paying my bond amount clear my warrant?

I wish to pay my bond before my hearing date, what can I do? The Bonds and Fines entrance is located on the Lower Level. If you have any question you can call They accept U. You can also contact a bail bonds company to explore other options.

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Court staff cannot not recommend a bonding company. It is important to note that once you paid the bond, and if you fail to appear at your next hearing your bond could be forfeited and a new warrant could be issued. I would like to self-surrender due to an order of the court or a warrant was issued for my arrest, what can I do? This would depend on the court that issued the warrant.

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If your warrant was issued due to a Maricopa County Probation violation, you can call for additional information.