Is a certificate of live birth a birth certificate

For most purposes of identification, people use the Birth Certificate as the original document. But some have recently heard about something called the.
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It does not list the hospital , Doctor or time of birth. Will there be an issue with that… It does list parents name.

12VAC Birth Certificate Items.

Good morning Joyce and thank you for your question. A lot of certified birth certificate will not list the hospital or time of birth. The State or county vital records office are the ones that make that determination. You should not have a problem obtaining a passport due to the lack of that information. Please let us know if there are any issues. Is the Old birth certificate still valid or only the last updated?

Hello Monika, The up to date version with the amendment applied to it would be the valid birth certificate. Once that child has to obtain a state I. There may be places that would accept the old birth certificate not knowing there was a change however we would not suggest you use it for verification of identity or any type of registration as that can lead to confusion in the future. If the birth certificate you have does not list your parents names then you will have to order a new certified, long form copy. I just finished ordering a copy of my Michigan birth certificate.

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For reason, I marked identification. Good morning Brittani- Please contact our office at On my original brith certificate my name was misspelled and I had it corrected. When it was updated I received a certified copy with the updated information at the bottom of the paper. Needless to say, I lost that copy. I just requested a long form birth cert. My question is will the birth certificate have the correct spelling or will it be my original birth cert the one with the incorrect spelling?

Hello Felecia and thank you for your question. If you had your certificate amended and you received a copy reflecting the correction you should receive this same certificate every time. I was born in Hawaii in Is that true?

Born in the United States?

Hello David and thank you for your question. If the passport office is saying that the copy of the birth certificate you have is not sufficient for a passport and you believe it should be, the place that would know best what type of certificate you actually have is Hawaii Vital Records. When you contact them let them know what the passport agency is telling you.

Unfortunately VitalChek cannot assist with vital records from Hawaii however we can provide you with their contact information Hopefully they will be able to help you get to the bottom of this and get you what you need so that you may obtain your passport. Typically, birth certificates being used for legal purposes, such as obtaining an ID card, need to be certified by the vital record agency issuing the document — as a security measure.

Original birth certificates may not have the proper certification, especially if they were issued more than 20 years prior, which is why they are generally not accepted for such legal purposes. If you need to obtain a birth certificate in order to get a passport, you can order the birth certificate either through our website at VitalChek. Hi, I have a question. My son was born in May of Fast forward to now… I went to our health dept to officially take 1 letter out of his first name, only because people keep mispronouncing it.

I paid for it to be done, plus bought a new birth certificate. My question is, what can we do now? Thanks for any help! Kindly advise who will can contact?

I am going on a closed loop cruise in three days. I have my birth certificate that my mom gave me from It has a raised seal, registrars name and signature , parents names, date filed a week after birth , and is issued by the state of New York vital statistics. My question is, is this an official birth certificate? Thanks for your question. It sounds like you have the birth certificate that was originally issued, which may be fine for the purposes of your closed loop cruise. For verification, we suggest contacting the New York State vital statistics office directly with that question when you return.

Happy cruising!

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MIchelle, We have the same exact situation here. My husband born the same year in upstate NY and has the exact same certificate and we are leaving on a closed loop cruise this Saturday. Did you have any problems with it? Tracy, as long as your birth certificate has a raised seal and is clearly legible, it should be acceptable for a closed loop cruise.

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  8. Hope you have a great trip. I live in Spain and they require that the birth certificate be issued within three months of presenting nationality request. I called town clerk in New Britain and he said my official birth certificate with appostille does not expire and should be good. Is there any official documentation that mentions this to be true, as I am not sure if Im going to have problems with this. Also, if I do, does vitalcheck provide official birth certificates with apostille?

    Birth Certificates

    VitalChek is the authorized ordering service for most of the state and county offices with in the U. Some States will issue the certificate with an apostille as long as you indicate that you need it and what you are needing it for. To find out if the state you were born in offers the Certified birth certificate with apostille through our VitalChek service please contact our office at Typically, true original certificates are not released; however, you can order an official certified copy of your birth certificate to use for legal purposes such as obtaining a passport, etc.

    Hope this information helps. Why are true original birth certificates not released? The mothers copy that is given from the hospital is the original information, not to be confused with the heirloom copy. The heirloom copy is typically used as a keepsake. The certificates that are released from the vital records offices are certified copies of the birth certificate. The certified copies are proof of identity and will be required throughout many different times in ones life school registration, passport applications, drivers license. The Vital Records offices keep the persons information on file so that if you need a certificated copy of this information your birth certificate they will have it to release to you.

    Hopefully this information helps! We are attempting to get my father a passport but are facing a birth certificate issue. We recently were able to get a copy of his birth certificate from Georgia where he was born. The problem is he has a different last name and only the mothers name is listed.

    It is definitely him — every other detail is exact. We were able to obtain a copy of a reissued birth certificate from MI where we live. It is a MI certificate and states his place of birth in Georgia, his mothers name, a fathers name which corresponds to our family name and it was filed 4 years after his birth in Presumably he was adopted but we have no knowledge or documentation of this. Which birth certificate do we use for the passport application? Either way we will need to get a certified copy. To obtain a passport you will need a certified copy of a birth certificate.