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It is the policy of the Village of Glencoe to hire, promote, and compensate employees, and to administer all employment practices, The starting salary for Glencoe Public Safety Officers is currently $69,+. Register for Recruitment Alerts.
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How do I contact my state legislators? How can I watch Village Council meetings? What are the Manager's office hours? Community Development Why do I need a permit? How do I know if my business is permitted in the Village?

Do I need a Certificate of Occupancy for my business? Where do I go for business assistance? When is construction activity allowed? What are permissible construction site conditions? How long will it take for me to get my permit? What is the Certificate of Appropriateness of Design?

How long is a building permit good for? How will I know when my building permit is approved? What is required for home occupation?

Do I need a permit for a dumpster? What do I need in order to have a garage sale? Do trampolines require a permit? Do you have a copy of my property survey? How should home address numbers be displayed? How might a home receive landmark distinction? What is the Village's sign code? What is the Village's zoning ordinance? What is the "retail overlay" district? What is the Village's Comprehensive Plan?

Where can I obtain Village maps? What are the Village's regulations related to grass and weeds? What are the Community Development Department's hours? How do I dispose of construction debris? Finance Where do I call with questions about utility service? How am I billed for Water, Sewer, and Electric service? Does the Village require dog licenses? Does the Village require vehicle stickers? What is the Village of Winnetka's bond rating?

What is the difference between a budget and a comprehensive annual financial report CAFR?

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  • Teacher Salaries, by District.

Who do I call to get information on beach closings? What is the Sales Tax in Winnetka? Does Winnetka have a transfer tax?

Qualifications, Salary and Benefits

How can my firm be placed on the Village's bidder list? What are the Village Hall hours of operation? Fire What should I my family do when our smoke alarms activate? Can our battery-operated smoke alarms go bad and how do I dispose of our old detector?

Does my landlord have to place and maintain a smoke alarm in my rental unit? Are carbon monoxide detectors required my law?

Public Safety Officer Recruitment

Where do I pay an ambulance bill? Should I dial even if I am not sure it is an emergency? After I call , why is there a delay before the phone dials? After I call , should I hang up? Why is there always a fire engine on an ambulance call? How do I dispose of my unused prescription medications?

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What is EMD and does Winnetka utilize emergency medical dispatchers? Are open fires permitted in Winnetka? Is a DNR the same as a medical power of attorney? Are there standard forms necessary for a valid DNR? Are home fire sprinklers expensive?

Official Report

Does the Fire Department offer blood pressure screenings? Does the Department perform Fire Hydrant flow testing?

How are fire hydrants maintained? Does the Department conduct Fire Station tours? Does the Department perform home fire safety surveys? Police How can I appeal a parking ticket? Should bicycles be registered with the Police Department? What are the Village's regulations related to dogs? Is overnight parking prohibited? Does the Village issue parking passes for commuters? What is the Village's parking policy for snow emergencies?

Public Records/FOIA | Park District of Glencoe, Illinois

Are solicitors permitted in Winnetka? What is the curfew for juveniles? Where can motorized scooters be operated? Where is skateboarding prohibited? Is it possible to schedule a tour of the Police Station? Who is responsible for minors who consume alcohol? Who do I contact for information about hosting a block party?

Public Safety Officer Recruitment

Does the Police Department offer a House Watch service? Are Neighborhood Watch programs active in the Village? How do I apply for a handicapped parking card accessible parking?